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5214 Pioneer Mesa Dr, Colorado Springs, CO
McCleary Park
1. From southbound I-25 exit 153, east on Interquest Pkwy (2 miles) to Powers Blvd.
2. South (right) on Powers Blvd (5.3 miles) to Woodmen Rd.
3. West (right) on Woodmen Rd (.5 miles) to Duryea Dr.
4. South (left) on Duryea Dr (.3 miles) to Butterfield Dr.
5. West (right) on Butterfield Dr to Prarie Wind Dr.
6. South (left) on Prarie Wind Dr to Pioneer Mesa Dr.
7. West (right) on Pioneer Mesa Dr to McCleary Park.

1. From I-25 exit 135, east/north on S Academy Blvd (4 miles) to Fountain Blvd/US-24 (many of the streets in these directions are not located on the map).
2. East (right) on Fountain Blvd/US-24 (1.6 miles) to Powers Blvd.
3. North (left) on Powers Blvd (8.4 miles) to Dublin Blvd.
4. West (left) on Dublin Blvd (.5 miles) to Bridle Pass Dr.
5. North (right) on Bridle Pass Dr (1 block) to Sand Hill Dr.
6. West (left) on Sand Hill Dr (.3 miles) to Pioneer Mesa Dr.
7. North (right) on Pioneer Mesa Dr (.2 miles) to McCleary Park.

You can also take exit 149, east on Woodmen Rd 4.6 miles to Duryea Dr, and then follow the first set of directions from above, line 4 except you will go right on Duryea Dr.